Welcome to AiM

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the 16th edition of Africa in Motion!

The heart of our festival is you, our wonderful audience. Without your generous support, donations and encouragement, we wouldn't be here. Thank you for standing by us through all these years.

We hope that you’ve found moments of respite and joy over such an extraordinary past two years, and we look forward to sharing fresh, exciting stories with you. We remain inspired by the resilience of our communities and the sheer talent of the artists and filmmakers we’ve had the pleasure of supporting. We are deeply thankful to these artists who enable our work, and trust us to amplify their talent.

Over the last few months, our year-round screenings have interrogated the concept of citizenship and examined how people have migrated, sought refuge, and settled, in and out of Africa. This remains urgent, important territory to probe as the refugee crisis intensifies across the diaspora from Haiti, to Guinea, through to the ongoing disenfranchisement that led to the Grenfell Tower tragedy. We carry this conversation forward in our festival programme, with a special focus on rousing portrayals of individuals and communities galvanizing to demand better futures - pulling stories that reside in the margins, to the centre.

Other film strands this year bring music, family, and identity to the fore. We explore the dynamics of intimate, beautiful relationships, the power of women-led story-telling, tender observations of familial ties, unique forms of protest, the maddening complexity of human nature, our environment, and Q&As foregrounding distinguished African talent. Whilst initiating difficult and necessary conversations, we also look forward to centring joy and healing at the heart of our work.

A big thank you to our incredible team, which goes from strength to strength with clarity and tireless enthusiasm. To you — our AiM family —  we thank you for being present, whether you’ve been with us from the start of our journey, or are joining us for the first time.  We hope you enjoy this festival edition as much as we did while curating it.

Thank you!


Liz Chege
AiM Festival Director