We Get Shot With Silent Bullets

Friday 20 - Sunday 22 August

The global climate crisis is rooted in a socio-economic political system driven and sustained by resource extraction. The unseen costs of this system are felt most urgently and destructively by those living in the resource-rich Global South and in particular by working class and indigenous women.

Join us for a weekend of documentaries* looking at capitalist extractivism and environmental resistance across the African continent, with a focus on the vital labour and activism of women. These screenings will be accompanied by reflections from filmmakers featured in the programme, as well as activists working on the ground.

All events in this programme are free with an optional donation. Proceeds will go to WoMin, an African ecofeminist regional alliance that fights for climate justice and to advance women-centred, community-driven development alternatives. To donate, please use the button on the individual event pages.

This programme is hosted in partnership with EDI Lab at University of Glasgow’s College of Arts, as part of their The Dear Green Bothy event series marking the city’s hosting of the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference – COP26 – in November 2021.

*All films in the programme will be available online for 48 hours from the listed date and time. Sunday's discussion will be streamed live to the event page and uploaded to Vimeo afterwards.